How to keep your Windows XP secure

By now it is old news that Microsoft has issued a Windows XP support lockdown. They will no longer offer support for users with Windows XP: no more bug fixes, no more security patches and no more Windows Updates. If you remember a couple of weeks back, Microsoft had to issue an out-of-band security update to fix the problem with Internet Explorer. This will not be very common in the future however.

This is actually a big issue for Microsoft given the number of individuals who still rely on Windows XP. Net Applications, a web analytics company that is dedicated to, among other things, determining operating system usage, has released their 2014 figures. The results for April 2014 are surprising. Windows XP has 27% of the total market share while Windows 8 only has 12%.

This leaves a question: What will millions of these Windows XP users do when their computer faces a security threat? A lot of corporate users on this operating system face losing billions of dollars with their information at the mercy of hackers. Is there an alternative recovery software for Windows XP? Is switching to Windows 8 their only choice?

Thankfully, no.

Software to protect one’s computer against the Windows XP lockdown is out there. Rollback XP is one example. And there always will be. If I remember correctly, when Microsoft discontinued their SteadyState, substitutes quickly surged as a replacement for it. Reboot Restore RX is an example of a SteadyState alternative. It received lot of downloads from users who needed a simple thing such as a restore upon reboot functionality.

Like I mentioned previously, given the high number of users who are still on Windows XP, a software like this will most definitely be needed.


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