Windows XP Freeware recovery solution

Rollback XP is a freeware instant system restore software for Windows XP that has come out of beta testing. According to its makers, Horizon Datasys, it will be released as early as next week.

This comes after the recent Windows XP LockdownThis has caused a series of responses from the IT and computer industries – many are in a dilemma of whether to upgrade to newer operating systems or sticking with XP and suffering the consequences of no longer receiving support from Microsoft.

The Windows XP end of life issue may cause harm to their systems and the software that they use. Certain organizations still use legacy software, or software that does not work for newer OS. There is now a great need for third party assistance in protecting Windows XP, and Horizon DataSys’s RollBack XP aims to do just that.

This freeware will allow users to stay on their current OS.  It is the premier alternative in the field of Windows XP Support, and is a huge benefit to the approximately 1-billion users currently running Windows XP. Previous freeware software such as Reboot Restore RX was very successful as a SteadyState alternative. RollBack XP hopes to assist users by providing free and accessible restore software where there is no longer support present.

Many XP machines are also being used in net cafes and public-access environments. XP works great for kiosks, so it’s important to have a kiosk computer recovery solution to match. Rollback XP would be a preferred recovery solution for these users, who cannot afford to upgrade all of their machines.  Therefore, having a kiosk computer recovery solution is important for XP users, many who use them in public access environment such as cafes and kiosks.

But, how does it Rollback XP work?

RollBack XP comes with a sub-os built in that installs beneath Windows, allowing the user to access the program’s features before Windows boots up.  This means that it does not deal with Windows at the file level.  This allows users to take snapshots, RollBack to a previous snapshot, or uninstall RollBack XP if necessary. Unlike to traditional re-imaging which may require a minimum of 30 minutes to complete, Rollback XP does this in seconds. Just like Rollback RX, the Recover Files and Explore Snapshot functionalities will be available.

This freeware will be able to take 5 snapshots. This limitation on the number snapshots is due to the fact that it is a freeware product. For those who wish to upgrade to a paid version with unlimited snapshots, there will be an option to do so.

So basically, RollBack XP will solve many of the issues that affect users of Windows XP such as malware, viruses or security threats. Thus, having an anti-virus won’t be necessary. Taking a snapshot every day will make up for that.



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