Windows XP recovery software receives a record number of downloads

Rollback XP, a recovery software created to help protect users from the Windows XP lockdown, has been downloaded 400,000 times. These facts come straight from the company who created the software itself. Considering the fact that it has not even been a month since its release, it is a lot. 

It was in Microsoft’s Tech Ed conference which took place this past May in Houston, Texas where the team that created this freeware came up with the idea. After hearing that companies would have to pay up to $200 per PC in order to get extended support from Microsoft, they decided to create an alternative and charge nothing to users. 

A brief snippet on the Windows XP lockdown, just to refresh your memory: In April of this year, Microsoft discontinued support for Windows XP operating system on April of this year. Despite being nearly 13 years old, this operating system is still widely used worldwide: a little more than one-fourth of the world’s PCs still run on Windows XP. Once the Windows XP lockdown began, users of this operating system would be left unprotected from hacks or viruses Enterprises and organizations that run Windows XP on their public access kiosk systems would be exposed to the aforementioned problems.

Rollback XP promises to be a viable solution against these problems. 

About the software:

Rollback XP is a comprehensive, instant recovery software Windows XP System Restore software similar to Horizon Datasys’ star product, Rollback RX. It functions on a snapshot-based system that allows your PC to be like an instant time machine. In case of any system crash, users can restore their computer to a previous point in time, even if Windows cannot boot. This is possible because the software operates on a sub-operating system below Windows, enabling it to protect the contents of your entire hard drive. 

Rollback XP only works on Windows XP operating system. Another difference is in the number of snapshots. Rollback XP, a freeware, supports a maximum of ten snapshots. For those who wish to upgrade to a greater number of snapshots, a non-freeware option is being developed.



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