Cryptolocker ransomware far from dead

Before, having a anti-virus was enough to protect your computer. Today, it is far from enough. While desktop security software has evolved and gotten better, so have the viruses that attack it. 

One example of this is Cryptolocker, a ransomware that the FBI claimed to have dismantled last June. This however, was a short term success, as it has come back, stronger than ever, bringing with it worse types of ransomware. 

I am talking about Critroni, a or CTB-Locker ransomware that users Tor, a software that hides the user’s location, making it more difficult for it to be traced. Critroni encrypts the hard drive and demands payment through Tor. On top of that, this ransomware’s encryption method is based on elliptic curve cryptography, said to be much faster than other ransomware encryptions. It has also learned from Cryptolocker’s flaws, and will only encrypt the drive once it gets downloaded and installed. This makes the program harder to detect.

Instant recovery software like RollBack Rx and Drive Vaccine have been created to protect users from said ransomware. Even if a computer gets infected to the point of hard drive encryption, simply pressing the ‘Home’ key when the RollBack Rx or Drive Vaccine splash screen appears while booting up the computer will take the user directly to our mini-OS. From there you simply choose to return to an image that was made prior to infection. This software has a trajectory of being able to recover from any ransomware


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