Microsoft Tech Support Scam: What To Do

There are a series of steps one can take if they receive or fall victim to a Microsoft Tech support scam. The first thing one should do is to report the phone scam immediately. These phone calls are nothing but a series of scammers using Microsoft’s name to get money and personal information from you. 

As a rule of thumb, Microsoft’s employees will NEVER call you for something like this. Knowing this is vital to saving yourself and protecting your data from an IT disaster.

How do you detect a Microsoft Tech support scam?

A phone call from a supposed Microsoft employee, telling you that their systems have detected a virus on your computer. They will tell you that in order to rid your computer of the virus, you will have to allow them to access your computer. Then, they tell you to follow a couple of steps to download a program that will allow them to use your computer from theirs. Doing this would supposedly clean your computer. Then, they would ask for payment, either by depositing in an account number, or asking for your credit card details.

How can you protect yourself against this?

It is better to protect and prevent yourself with some desktop security software rather than wait for something like this to happen. It’s best to invest in some instant recovery software, like Rollback Rx for instance.

Having a software like Rollback Rx will allow you to go a session prior to handing over your PC to the scammer. This PC time machine will have your back in no time, like it never happened. 

If you still are on Windows XP, try with the following software: Rollback XP. This is a freeware that functions like Rollback Rx, made in light of the news that Windows would stop supporting Windows XP come last April. 



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