School’s out! Reinforce your PC security

The end of labor means a lot of things… the end of summer, a commemoration of workers day, a time to celebrate some time off with your family. For parents, it is usually a reminder that school is about to start. You can see it coming in from the horizon. You begin to make a couple of changes, such as enforce earlier bed times and buy all the necessary school supplies.

On the other side, schools are also preparing for students to arrive. IT professionals are busy at work trying to make many things happen in order to ensure the safety and security of the school network. We’re talking putting anti-virus software, anti-malware, locking down the WiFi and hardwired internet, restricting network usage, among others. After all, a school ground is just a breeding ground for curious students who can, at the click of button give the IT department serious problems. 

There are some instant recovery software that have been designed for problems in schools and other public environments.  One example of this is drive vaccine. It is a software program that functions outside of the Windows operating system, and will load prior to Windows booting up at all. This is a failsafe so if Windows itself gets corrupted, one could simply load up the program first and get the computer back up and running in seconds.

This program is meant to be used and abused and provide true data protection. It will stand up to most anything you throw at it: deleted registry keys, vicious malware and viruses, even ransomware.

Another program that is similar but more advanced in providing desktop security is Rollback Rx. This a PC time machine creates and stores multiple snapshots. You can choose whether you want it to automatically create them on every boot, schedule, certain event, or manually. For example, you can  choose to snap between these images in seconds, so even if you were working on a document and the PC crashes, you could quickly revert to an older snapshot. From there, you can virtually open the state you were just working on, grab your documents to your clean snapshot, and continue your work.